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In this episode, I interview Maritza Parra of Easy Online Marketing, an Internet marketing expert that will give you great tips and strategies to build your business. 

Maritza Parra is an author, speaker, equestrian, Law of Attraction coach, syndicated columnist, Internet Marketer and host of the Easy Online Marketing podcast. She teaches authors, speakers, consultants, solo-preneurs and people who want to create additional income streams or create a “PJs Empire” selling their products and services from anywhere.

Maritza began her entrepreneurial career as an equestrian, creating the Dancing Stallion Show, a show of Andalusian horses which traveled around the country. Her show was featured at the Kentucky Horse Park, the Belmont Stakes Horse Festival and in Downtown Chicago’s Daly Plaza.

She also began an organic and handmade bath & beauty products company borrowing recipes her Grandmother brought from South America. These products were used in some of the world’s leading boutique hotels, spas and shops in 8 countries.

After being featured on “Oprah & Friends: The Soul Series” Maritza became an expert at creating products quickly via TeleSeminars, eBooks, Physical Books, Video and other Easy Product Creation Strategies. Maritza has a Law of Attraction website as well as several horse training sites.

Known as The List Building Queen, Maritza teaches students how to leverage their gifts, knowledge and talents. She loves to show people how to quickly get your ideas out of your head and into your bank account.

Maritza has hosted groups from all over the world, including Mark Victor Hansen’s Inner Circle group. She also teaches from her membership sites and holds in-person workshops, mastermind groups and retreats at The Hacienda, her Retreat Center in San Antonio, TX.


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