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All entrepreneurs know more than they do in their business. Resistance is the powerful force that stops us from doing what we know we need to do every day. In order to get anything done and to stay focused on your personal and business goals, you have to beat resistance every day of your life. In this episode, I will share with you four ways to beat resistance so you can get back on track and be more productive, focused, and successful.

It's been ten years since Steve Jobs passed away. Learn nine lessons that you can apply in your business from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. You'll learn how he got his start and lessons from his early life that shaped who he was and how he was able to revolutionize seven industries (personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, digital publishing, and retail stores). These nine laws and lessons will give you new insights into the founder of one of the world's most successful and profitable companies that you can integrate into your business.

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Learn ten lessons from the life of Jeff Bezos, the founder of that you can apply to your business and three ways you can harness the power of Amazon's 237 million ACTIVE customers to build your authority and credibility in your market niche. This fascinating entrepreneur took massive action in the beginning of the commercialization of the Internet which has helped him build a nearly $100 billion a year company. Don't miss this insightful episode of one of today's most successful and brilliant business owners.

In this episode, I share fifteen lessons learned from Fred DeLuca, the founder of Subway, the largest fast-food chain in the world with more than 42,000 individual Subway stores in 108 countries around the world (compared with 35,000 McDonald's restaurants in 119 countries) that were instrumental in the growth of our first business and that I've referred back to often as I've grown other businesses that can help you as you grow your business.

Joleene is a former central New York television reporter and anchor turned passion shift coach, speaker and author. After struggling for years in a place that didn't satisfy her true dreams and desires to write and sing and play on stage, Joleene bravely left the security of her job to embark on a journey that allowed her to unearth her greatest dreams and desires -- while profiting generously at the same time.

Today she confidently guides men and women all over the globe to a place within, where they can uncover and discover who and what they are truly meant to be and do while generating handsomely from their deepest desires.

With over twenty years experience on the stage and behind the camera, setting up shop in front of hundreds of people is second nature to this stellar speaker. With her no-nonsense comedic approach, Joleene not only captures audiences immediately, but she's able to teach her clients how to do the same. Fear of the stage? Joleene can guide one to abolish it -- and show up strong and confident.

She is the author of "Memoirs of Normalcy: Journey from Sedentary to Extraordinary". Joleene wrote the book for individuals struggling with wanting to leave the mundane life of a 9 to 5 and moving into the light of their creative passion.

This multi-passionate entrepreneur is also a playwright! Her first full-length comedy, Visiting Bammy Lewis recently premiered at CNY Playhouse in Syracuse, New York.

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In this episode, James Butler shares seventeen specific nightmares and situations that can happen in any business and the steps you can take to eliminate them and get your business back on track.  These are: 

1)    Negative reviews and the fear that they may turn off future clients and not feeling like you have any power to change them or make a difference (especially when they are false and untrue)

2)    Employees who leave and then file for unemployment

3)    Dealing with insurance claims from those who try to sue you for someone who trips or falls in your business.

4)    Dealing with employees (a whole series of episodes could be devoted to this topic).  I recently read a book that detailed the thirty riskiest employees to fire.  With all of the things there are to worry about, there are a lot of issues that stem from employees that cause a lot of entrepreneurs to lose sleep.  Having employees walk out on your business on a busy day is something I’ve had to deal with and believe me, it is not a fun experience.  This happened once when I was thousands of miles from my business in China. 

5)    Things you didn’t plan on having to deal with – As an example, some entrepreneurs have told me that they have had to deal with credit card processing companies who have targeted businesses in specific industries– with some businesses closing today, many credit card processing companies are wanting more assurances that you will not go out of business leaving them on the line with customers who do chargebacks.

6)    Discovering a brand new competitor or a large big box store is moving into your neighborhood.  I talked recently with a business owner who has dealt with this issue of two big competitors who have taken much of her business over the past three years.  She told me she has lost a lot of sleep dealing with this issue.

7)    Competitors with seemingly endless amounts of money who advertise aggressively and look to take even more of your business in the future.

8)    Wondering or worrying about how you will make payroll for your employees or what you will have to do because you can’t pay yourself or you have to wait to pay yourself.

9)    Finding out that a competitor has stolen your ideas and is profiting from them.

10)You’ve put a lot of money into your business and you don’t know if you’ll ever see it returned to you – on top of that, you’re seeing others in your industry go out of business and you worry that this might be your future too

11)Feeling that your business is consuming all of your time and is affecting your relationships with your loved ones

12)Seeing sales decline and not knowing what to do about it.

13)Watching tried and true marketing practices that used to work and then finding out that they no longer do (especially when you spend money you don’t really have)

14)Seeing other businesses in your industry that are doing better than you and feeling discouraged or depressed about it (not sure about what they should do)

15)Watching your expenses go up and wondering how this will affect your bottom line.

16)Worrying about employee theft of inventory or losing inventory to fire or destruction from fire or other natural disasters.

17)Discovering that an employee you’ve trusted and depended on has burned out and is no longer working out for your business.

 Learn how you can approach these or other challenges that come up in your business. 

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In this episode, I interview Eric Lofhom on his Laws and Distinctions for Sales Success. You'll learn how he got his start as an internationally known sales trainer and the stories behind the key distinctions he teaches so you can more successfully sell your product or service.

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In this episode, I interview Charlie McDermott about his drive to succeed and lessons he's learned about effectively marketing and promoting a business. Charlie McDermott’s drive has taken him to the top of the fitness industry building an 8 figure health club empire… to the back lot studios of Warner Brothers and multi-million dollar Hollywood deals… and it catapulted him to GKIC Marketerof the Year elite status in a record 15 months time. All of these varied business experiences form the foundation of Charlie’s newest endeavor – BEN, the Business & Entrepreneur Network. This one-of-a-kind member organization provides Immediate Business Building Solutions, with Step-by-Step Blueprints that accelerates the overworked, overwhelmed business owner into independent, wealthy Entrepreneur.

Charlie lives in West Chester, PA with his “willing to put up with just about any new business endeavor”, wife of 25 years, Barb. Their youngest daughter Grace… will soon be heading to college. Their loudest family members are dogs, Jasper and Zoe. Zoe was a “I don’t think my apartment will be big enough when this golden labrador puppy grows up.”, gift from their actor son, Charlie (the actor) during a visit home. “The actor” lives in Burbank, CA and stars as Axl in the ABC hit comedy “The Middle”.

Speaking of the middle, Erin their middle daughter is an honor student and cheerleader attending college in Philadelphia.

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