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In this episode, I share eight laws and lessons to successfully market your business. I discuss the best ideas I've applied in my businesses from Bob Rice's book Three Moves Ahead and Al Ries and Jack Trout's book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

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In this episode, I talk with hiring expert Jay Henderson of Real Talent Hiring and he shares his story how he got started as a performance coach. He shares how his Real Talent Hiring Profile helps understand how people will act once they will hire and the power of focus in getting more done. You'll find this discussion to be an insightful look into what it takes to get more done and how to ensure that you hire the right people in your company.

In this episode, I interview top mattress retailer Jeff Giagnocavo of Gardner's Mattress and More ( about his experiences as an entrepreneur and how he creates value so he doesn't compete on price against other competitors including online retailers and big box stores. He also shares lessons about how to attract the right kinds of customers, and what you must do to implement more in your business. This insightful interview will inspire you about how you can give back to your community and the value of main street retail businesses in the community.

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