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Learn 8 big ideas that will help you implement and achieve breakthroughs in your business including how to implement an idea day, how to build a low threshold offer that will magnetically attract prospects into your business, help you set higher goals, confront and beat the challenges that are holding you back, focus on your best and ideal customers, and tips on how to move fast and get more done while minimizing your stress. Don't miss this insightful episode with BIG ideas on what it takes to breakthrough to the next level.

Learn the secret to how today's biggest businesses have risen to the top of their market niche with the power of authority and celebrity. This episode will give you the tools to build your own expertise and share your message and story with the world. You'll learn four reasons why this a celebrity-driven branding approach around you will help you stand out from your competitors and increase your sales and you'll learn ten ways to build your celebrity brand now    

In this episode, I interview Dr. Gene Landrum about his research into the Laws of Entrepreneurial Genius and his business experiences including the founding of Chuck E. Cheese. You'll be fascinated by and learn a lot from this great author, speaker, and expert on what it takes to succeed in business.

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