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In this episode, I interview publicity expert Melanie Rembrandt about her book Simple Publicity. She shares her insights about common mistakes entrepreneurs make when putting together publicity campaigns and shares from her extensive twenty plus years of experience about what she has found to be at heart of successful campaigns and how entrepreneurs can better use the tools available today to promote their products and businesses.

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In this episode, I talk with Clint Pulver, who is an Emmy Award-winning, motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, and workforce expert and the author of the new book, I Love it Here: How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want to Leave.

He is the president and founder of The Center for Employee Retention and has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting loyalty through his work and research as “The Undercover Millennial”.

Clint was featured in Business Q Magazine as one of their “Top 40 under 40” as a premiere Corporate Keynote Speaker.

He is an expert on leadership and employee retention and shares lessons from his new book on connection, retention, and leadership. 

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