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In this episode, I talk with Jodi Orgill Brown, who went to the hospital to remove a tumor in her brain, expecting to return home after five days in the hospital, and ending up having three surgeries over the course of five weeks that completely upended her life. She shares her inspiring story of how she got through that challenge in her life and her advice on how you can overcome darkness and difficulty to find that the sun still shines.

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In this episode, I discuss systems, selling, and specific mindshifts required for entrepreneurial success.

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In this episode, we talk with coaching and performance expert Meredith Bell about her new book: Strong for Performance: Create a Coaching Culture With Learning and Development Programs that Stick. Meredith shares her experience of working with coaching clients and the secret to making sure that behaviors are implemented so real change can happen. This is a very insightful interview about why most training programs miss the mark and what you can do to ensure that the training and coaching you offer to your clients and team members gets results and lasts. 

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In this episode, I'm interviewed by Lee Milteer about Chapter 12 of my book Clear and Present Game Changers entitled "Stop Playing Small and Selling Yourself Short: How to Create the Business You Want and Deserve." With all of the economic uncertainty today, we talk about how to think and act differently to create the outcomes you want as opposed to settling or scaling back your goals and dreams. I hope you enjoy our conversation on this important topic today.