Sound Laws of Success Podcast (interview, Charlie McDermott)

In this episode, I interview Charlie McDermott about his drive to succeed and lessons he's learned about effectively marketing and promoting a business. Charlie McDermott’s drive has taken him to the top of the fitness industry building an 8 figure health club empire… to the back lot studios of Warner Brothers and multi-million dollar Hollywood deals… and it catapulted him to GKIC Marketerof the Year elite status in a record 15 months time. All of these varied business experiences form the foundation of Charlie’s newest endeavor – BEN, the Business & Entrepreneur Network. This one-of-a-kind member organization provides Immediate Business Building Solutions, with Step-by-Step Blueprints that accelerates the overworked, overwhelmed business owner into independent, wealthy Entrepreneur.

Charlie lives in West Chester, PA with his “willing to put up with just about any new business endeavor”, wife of 25 years, Barb. Their youngest daughter Grace… will soon be heading to college. Their loudest family members are dogs, Jasper and Zoe. Zoe was a “I don’t think my apartment will be big enough when this golden labrador puppy grows up.”, gift from their actor son, Charlie (the actor) during a visit home. “The actor” lives in Burbank, CA and stars as Axl in the ABC hit comedy “The Middle”.

Speaking of the middle, Erin their middle daughter is an honor student and cheerleader attending college in Philadelphia.

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