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In this episode, I interview video marketing expert and New York medical malpractice attorney Gerry Oginski about the secrets behind education-based video marketing. Gerry has created more than 1500 educational videos to teach and inform his prospective clientele. You'll learn his story about how video has transformed his business and helped him have a major competitive edge. Learn about how this powerful medium is changing the way you build trust today and what you should do to get started on marketing your business this way.

In this episode, I share eight laws and lessons to successfully market your business. I discuss the best ideas I've applied in my businesses from Bob Rice's book Three Moves Ahead and Al Ries and Jack Trout's book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

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Discover how you can use The WOW Strategy from serial entrepreneur Steve Sipress to generate more sales now. Steve has created and built over a dozen successful companies of his own while helping thousands of other ambitious and aggressive business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales professionals all around the world do the same over the past 35+ years. He has assembled a team of the world’s top business building experts as the publisher of Money-Making Monthly Magazine the blog and Rhino Daily podcast. Get ready to learn significant lessons about what it takes to target the right market with the right marketing to succeed today.

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