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Howard Schultz came back as CEO of Starbucks in 2008 to help navigate its turnaround after sales started to slide at a distressing rate, the company's stock price was falling, and the future of Starbucks was at risk. Schultz engineered a remarkable turnaround and in this episode I share twelve big lessons about this turnaround that you can apply in your business, plus six additional lessons that will be helpful to you regardless if you are a brand new entrepreneur or running a multi-million dollar enterprise whose sales and profits have fallen. Don't miss this episode on the mindset and plan required to make a transformation in a business that is struggling.

In this episode, Melanie Benson shares mindset and thought patterns that lead to building a big business even in the midst of challenging times. She shares her inspirational story of being in business for over twenty years and the insights she has gained on how to be bold and visible as you have to be seen in order to be hired. You'll love her insights as she shares her strategies for how you can show up, get noticed, and get more business now.

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